Difi – Is Walter Allowed?

Walter teaches the Public Administration Act to 145,000 government employees in Norway. “Is Walter Allowed?” was named Best in Show during REN's showcase for e-learning.

“Is Walter Allowed?” is a course covering the Public Administration Act for everyone who works in public administration. The aim of the course is for government employees to know the main principles of the Public Administration Act, so as to ensure proper case processing and enforce citizens’ legal security. The challenge was to make heavy legal material precise, but also fun and motivating.

Our solution was to mix film, animation, images and tasks, and then spice it all up with humor and irony. This helped ensure that the basic principles of the Public Administration Act could be presented in an efficient and fun way. With this course, all government employees are invited to engage in challenging administrative matters where they are, either on mobile or in front of their computer. The programme consists of 16 short episodes that run over 16 days. The participants’ task is to help the main character Walter when challenges arise, and answer: Is Walter allowed?

We were pleasantly surprised. “Is Walter Allowed” has shown us that it’s possible to learn important things in a fun way. We became aware that we interpret the law in different ways. The programme created good discussions, and has increased our expertise in the Public Administration Act.

Kristin Solbjør, Language Council

Watch the trailer for «Is Walter Allowed»

The entire programme can be found on the government’s learning platform.

Method/instrument: E-learning, mixed learning, campaign, film, animation, 3D, method bank.