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Cecilie has a Master of Political Science from the University of Oslo. She is an expert on target groups and insights. She comes from the position as CEO of Epinion Norway and before that, she was the head of qualitative analysis centre and Retail and Brand in Kantar Norway. Cecilie is curious by nature, and loves to go out in the evening and look in house windows, or listen to people chat on the subway.

Lasse has a master's degree in education from the University of Oslo. His experience and expertise is in processes for strategic change of organisations, as well as behaviour change at the individual level. Throughout his career, he has, among other things, worked as a college lecturer at the Norwegian Military Academy, led the Red Cross Youth and been a member of the Norwegian Red Cross' central board, and he sings in the Oslo Gay Men’s Chorus.

Stig Robert is a marketer from the Norwegian School of Management (NMH)/Norwegian Business School (BI). As a partner and general manager, he also devotes a lot of time to concept development, learning design and implementation. Stig Robert has worked with digital learning for over 20 years and has been behind several of our most powerful concepts. He is the biggest sports nerd of all time, and would therefore love to be stranded on a desert island with King Harald.

Jenny is a trained teacher with a master's degree in pedagogy from the University of Oslo. She is an experienced educator and process leader, who creates change and development through involvement and active participation. She is driven by motivating others, which is why she is also a training instructor. Fortunately, her encounters with yoga have helped her learn to sit still for a few minutes.

Tove started her career in tourism. Since then, her accounting and finance experience over the last 20 years has touched a variety of industries, such as real estate, software and most recently management consulting. She has a Diploma in Economics from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. Tove is fair, flexible and persistent. In her spare time, she likes to stay active, often on trips with family, friends and her four-legged wild-child of a pup.

Vegard has a master's degree in sociology from the University of Oslo. He is an expert in target groups, insight and analysis, and works with both qualitative and quantitative issues. Previously, Vegard worked as a senior adviser with Kantar, and was responsible for the largest international customers. He also worked as a development director with Epinion. Vegard is very enthusiastic in his work, and loves to work with complex issues.

Eli Hanna is driven by creativity, details and standing out in the race. She has management experience within the Oslo school system. At Task, she leads processes, writes scripts and is a project manager. Eli Hanna knows that the best writing is brief. That's why she’ll end here.

Silje is trained in television and multimedia production and has several years of experience working in the TV industry for NRK and TV2, among others. She also has experience in the fitness industry as a manager and instructor with SATS fitness and training centres. Silje believes the key to a successful project is good communication and solid teamwork. You can usually find Silje out in the beautiful Norwegian nature - on top of a mountain, on a ski trip in the country or with sneakers on her feet. Her most recent hobby is knitting, in an attempt to introduce a little more calm into her life.

Siren is a trained teacher, has a master's degree in English-language literature and an interdisciplinary master's degree in technology and science studies. She has extensive experience as a senior consultant, creator, screenwriter and project manager. Siren is powered by exploring new technologies, concepts and methods for digital experiences where the user is in the driver’s seat.

Sølvi is a trained project manager and marketer, with extensive experience in music, film, TV and e-learning. She is driven by development processes and manages our projects getting only the best customer references. Sølvi is a "people person" who spends a lot of time as a volunteer for children and youth with the Red Cross. The rest of the time she creates joy with her bubbly personality and laughter.

Mark is educated in Fine Art from Portsmouth University and has over 25 years of experience in multimedia and technology. He develops concepts, writes scripts, films, edits and makes music for our interactive productions. One fine day he will live happily in a magnificent house he has built for himself in VR.

Kristina has a degree in sociology from the University of Copenhagen, specialising in organisation, management and working life. She has previously worked as a qualitative consultant with Epinion and as a professional consultant in Bærum Municipality. Kristina is driven by complex issues and enjoys being able to think creatively and solution-oriented towards the customer. She’s no Jakob Ingebrigtsen, but believes a lot can be solved during a jog!

Jonas is a trained counseling educator from NTNU. He is an expert in digital learning, and works extensively with the development of concepts and implementation of learning technology. Before joining us, he worked with Teach First Norway through the University of Oslo. Although Jonas wears mostly black, rest assured he’s very colourful on the inside.

Trude is an organisational educator from the University of Oslo (UiO) and works with learning and change in organisations. She has previously worked at UiO with digitalisation in the education sector and as an educational leader with Storyboard. Trude is analytical by nature and loves to go into companies on a journey of discovery - always with employees' mastery as a clue.

Sofie has a master's degree in working life pedagogy from UiO and is also a trained primary school teacher. At Task, she works with scripts, processes and project management. She loves challenges where good solutions are created through creativity and knowledge. Sofie is trying hard to become an outdoor enthusiast with a hammock in her backpack and the Sunnmøre Alps in her sights, at least in the summertime.

Simen has a master's degree in pedagogy from the University of Oslo. He is especially strong in the field of digital learning and implementation of learning technology. He has an unwavering focus on the customer's needs. Previously, he was a contact teacher within the Oslo school system. Simen thrives in meetings with customers where they find optimal solutions together.

Benedicte is a trained educator from the University of Oslo. At Task, she writes scripts, leads projects and is an expert in digital solutions. Benedicte is talented at developing content that meets the needs of the target group, and has a knack for creating flow in the courses. Benedicte works well in teams, building on her experience being a former Norwegian champion in “Texas Scramble” team golf.

Henriette has a master's degree in pedagogy from the University of Oslo, and is especially interested in active and engaging learning through digital tools. She is good at creating solutions that lead to skills development, and strives to make learning processes rewarding and user-friendly. Henriette loves facilitating creative processes in groups, both in a work context and on her own time. She's the creative soul of her group of friends, and maybe your next knitting project will be using her pattern...?

Lydia has her master's degree in pedagogy from the University of Oslo. She has also studied at Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea in the field of Interaction Science. With Task, Lydia develops e-learning concepts and writes scripts. She is interested in technology and wants to help create the learning processes of the future. In her spare time, Lydia brews all kinds of beer, wine and mead, and loves to cook food she can enjoy with good company.

Asbjørn has a master's degree from the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of projects under his belt, he is one of the mainstays of Task. Asbjørn has mastered most programming languages ​​and is always up for the challenge of integrating with different systems. Other than that, he differs from his programming colleagues by not being a total and complete computer nerd.

Kevin is a graduate programmer from the University of Agder. On top of this, he has a bachelor's degree with a focus on gaming technology. With his vast knowledge and lengthy experience, he ensures that our projects play seamlessly on all devices. Kevin is a proud geek at heart, with a self-developed pinball game and Commodore64 running on a 100-inch projected image.

Huy has a master's degree in information and communications technology from the University of Agder. He has several years of experience as a web developer with expertise in web technology and frameworks. Huy's versatile work background, spanning consulting companies, culture houses and ad agencies comes in handy at work and in giving good advice to Task's customers. In his spare time, Huy loves to cook - and who can resist the combination of freshly baked cake and horror film? A killer combination!

Jacob has a master's degree in computer science from UiT. He has established a good foundation of frameworks and programming languages. Jacob is happy to take on challenging assignments and is constantly developing his skills. In his spare time, Jacob is an active person who can either be found on the climbing wall or the squash court.

Heidi is responsible for visual communication. What makes her unique is her pedagogical approach to design. With over 30 years of experience in the communications industry, she ensures that our deliverables are of the highest quality. And if you are a little tired one day, just hang around Heidi for a bit, she’s like a charging station.

Therese is an expert in UI/UX design, and has several years of experience within in-house and agency environments, and as a consultant. She is passionate about developing new and exciting solutions, and is genuinely interested in trends in the design field. She is always looking for solutions that can both engage and inspire the user. Therese loves to be in nature; whether in the mountains, on the sea or with the plants in her garden.

Ramo is trained in digital media production and UX design. On a daily basis, he designs user experiences and graphics for our interactive productions. Ramo has ten years of experience in strategic sales and consulting, and loves being in meetings with customers to find optimal solutions. If you can’t find Ramo in front of the keyboard, you can probably find him on the golf course!

Naja is a trained copywriter from Westerdals and is a published author. She is driven to work holistically with creative projects that move and engage people. She comes from NRK, where she was, among other things, a screenwriter on their most streamed documentary series. At Task, Naja works on concepts and scripts. Her work week's sitting and coffee intake are balanced out in Naja’s free time with sauna and sea bathing, yoga and really good food

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