Bufdir – See me: vocational training for everyone who works with children in the child welfare system

Some projects go deeper than others. “See me” is vocational training for everyone who works with children in the child welfare system. The goal is to increase competence through sharing experiences and reflection in the workplace.

Developed in collaboration with professionals and former child welfare children

Working with kids can be challenging. Connecting meaningfully with children who are in the child welfare system can be extra challenging. How can you engage with these young people in the best possible way? How can you understand actions that initially seem incomprehensible? What kind of toll does depression take on teenagers? Through in-depth interviews and workshops with environmental therapists, teachers, psychologists and the National Association for Child Welfare Children, we identified relevant situations within the home, school and institution. 

We then played out these situations, and let our experts comment on them. The most important experts were the experience consultants from the National Association for Child Welfare Children. Their insight and empathy for the children impresses anyone who takes the course.

Se meg -artikkel

«The National Association for Child Welfare Children is pleased that user participation has been central to the development of the e-learning programme, and that we see the benefit of the employees being able to try and practice, within various scenarios that may actually arise at work. This can lead to them being better equipped to cope with certain situations, which in turn can make the children in question feel safer.»

Julie Gulbrandsen, general manager of the National Association for Child Welfare Children

Documentary approach to discussion and reflection

There aren’t any hard and fast answers in this course. We instead wanted to create situations for discussion and reflection. The course is designed so that you can take it alone, but you will get the best effect if you complete it alongside some colleagues. During the course you will get reflection questions, like: How would you handle this in your workplace? These discussions are tremendously helpful, and can generate resilience and creativity.

Maybe “See Me” can make a difference. Maybe a teacher can follow up on a concern a little better, maybe an environmental therapist can help a child cope with a change of school a little better. Maybe it’s a little easier to understand acting out.

Do you want to understand a little more? Go to http://semeg.bufdir.no

Method/tool: E-learning, mixed learning, campaign, film, animationtarget group analysis, user testing