Target group insight in the time of corona

Published: 26th May 2020

By: Cecilie Kløvstad

The demand for good digital platforms and experiences has skyrocketed since spring of 2020. And in the work we do, the need for target group insight and user testing is also increasing. We started testing different techniques and platforms early on to adapt our working methods to the new normal of life during COVID-19. Here’s what we experienced.

Right now we are carrying out all of our insight work via digital platforms 

We are open to change, and adapt to the platforms we use from project to project. We have had particularly good experiences with Zoom and Whereby. Zoom presented a few issues for interacting with subjects who work in government due to privacy concerns, and Whereby runs best on Google Chrome. The user experience is simple and intuitive for both, where even the least digitally savvy could handle it. Once we’re connected online with our interview subjects, we need to cover a bit of GDPR clarification and I leave a lot more open-ended speaking opportunities than I would in in-person interviews, as on-camera it can be trickier to know when to speak. We’ve also noticed that it’s best if we end things a little earlier in the digital format. People get tired of sitting and staring at a screen. We’ve found that 1-1.5 hours is ideal.

I usually have a note-taker with me, who isn’t on-camera but listens to the conversation and records what’s happening. Apart from that person, everyone involved should have their camera on and mute when they’re not talking. The optimal number of people in the conversation seems to be between 4-6 people. 

Good experience 

The answer to the question I posed at the beginning is yes, it is possible to make the move to digital. In these strange and disconnected times, people want to talk, think, and throw ideas around. They have a lot on their minds and have time to contribute. The digital competence of the population has steadily increased enormously. So go for it, there’s nothing to wait for!