Storebrand – Engaging strategy implementation

“I became so obsessed with the app that I forgot to get off the train!”
This was one bit of encouraging feedback we received from Storebrand's employees. This project won the Blended Learning Award at the NEXT conference in Paris.

When implementing a new strategy, the goal is for it to become a part of the employees’ heart and minds and the organisation’s culture. Storebrand wanted employees to take ownership of the strategy and use the new concepts in their daily work. Additionally, Storebrand wanted the shift they were making to mobile learning to be a positive experience.


The combination of mobile learning and teamwork made the strategy come alive

Strategy implementation is at its core cultural development, which is a continuous process. Therefore, we designed a programme consisting of several stages spread over an entire year. The learning happened on mobile phones, where employees could comment, like and share, and was also combined with activities in teams. The leaders received a method bank and training on how to implement the strategy within their teams. The development process was set up so that input collected from the first stages was included in the development of the following stages.

«With the help of Blended X* and the supplier’s educational creativity, we have succeeded in involving the organisation in the work of gaining ownership of our strategy. We have received an overwhelmingly good response in this way of working.»

Nora Rolstad, Change Agent and Development Sherpa in Storebrand

*Blended X is mobile learning technology from CrossKnowledge

Method/ instrument: E-learning, Blended learning, App, Train the trainer, Film, Animation, 3D, Process management, Method bank