Statkraft – Stop the Leak!

Statkraft is Europe's largest generator of renewable energy, and they take information security very seriously. In partnership with them, we developed an internal information campaign with a surprising story and a simple and apt message.

To prevent sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands, we need to pay attention to our day-to-day digital habits, and know what to watch out for. A reckless moment online can give competitors unwanted advantages, and in the worst case, threaten civil society.

The information security field is huge. To counteract forgetfulness and uncertainty, it was important to humanize the content with a strong visual message and a catchy slogan. We started by simplifying the message and providing a few specific rules to ensure secure processing of critical information.

«Training like this piques my interest and my want to do the right thing.»

«Great format with short e-learning modules in each course.»

«Very helpful. Now I am more aware of where and how leaks can occur.»

Feedback from Statkraft employees after the campaign.

Through e-learning, articles, web banners, roll-ups and management tools, employees learned how to adjust their behaviour to keep information safe and secure. Regular reminders of the message in the future will help employees recall their knowledge of information-safe behaviour.

Method/instrument: E-learning, mixed learning, campaign, train the trainer, process management, method bank.