Information Security at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration

As digitalisation continues to advance at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, the risk of unauthorised individuals gaining access to increasing amounts of data also increases. Misuse of data can harm both individuals and the organisation.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration regularly experiences attempts by unauthorised parties to breach their systems. They have implemented many security measures to protect their data.

However, technical security solutions alone are not enough to stop all attempts by malicious persons. Individuals who use the systems also pose a security risk. Targeted training can help to increase information security.

Task and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration have developed a concise e-learning course that covers the most important aspects of information security. The course is built with interactivity, 3D animation and films, which illustrate risk situations so that employees can recognise them and use the systems in a secure manner.

Following topics are covered:

  • Legislation, policies, and guidelines
  • Incidents
  • Vulnerability, threats, risks, and values
  • How to protect information

This initiative is part of a larger effort, “Digitally En Route,” aimed at raising the digital competence of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Information security and data privacy courses are mandatory components of the education program.

“We have had a very good collaboration with Task, who also challenged us. Together, we developed a basic digital course in information security. Through engaging 3D animation films and pedagogical structure of the content, the course emphasises the importance of information security in relation to short- and long-term goal achievement for each employee and the organisation. The course is an important factor in the continuous development of our digital security culture.”

Fredrik Sandnes, IT, Norwegian Public Roads Administration.