We have formed Norway’s leading environment in digital learning experiences

Published: 23rd June 2020

By: Naja Søtje-Thomsen

After seven years of collaboration, the three companies Transform, Bokstaven K and Skuterud Kløvstad are today merging into one Task.

The seeds for the merger were laid in earnest in 2018, when the insight and analysis company Skuterud Kløvstad joined the Task alliance. At that time, this was a six-year, close and good collaboration between the multimedia and technology company Transform and the education and organisational development company Bokstaven K. Measurable effect and tailoring have been characteristics of the alliance from the beginning, and with the weight of their professional insight, Skuterud Kløvstad acted as the famous third leg that makes the stool stand solid. Two years later, the merger is solidified:

– Through the alliance, we have seen that together we offer a greater breadth and a more unique combination of services than some of our competitors, says the new CEO of Task, Cecilie Kløvstad. 

She has 20 years of management experience as general manager of Skuterud Kløvstad, CEO of Epinion Norway, as well as in TNS Gallup and Nielsen Norway. 

Lasse Hamre, general manager of Bokstaven K, describes the transition as a “no brainer”:

– When we combine our resources, we become both clearer to the customer and stronger in the development of products that help them further.

Stig Robert Larsen, general manager of Transform, also sees only good reasons for the merger:

– Together we have an insane amount of experience and hundreds of successful projects with good customer references from large companies. We gain time and energy by removing duplicate tasks and internal invoicing, which in turn will result in a more seamless production.


The general managers of Transform, Skuterud Kløvstad and Bokstaven K, Stig Robert Larsen, Cecilie Kløvstad and Lasse Hamre, are entering new roles today.

New roles

Hamre and Larsen have great faith in Kløvstad as the right person for the job of CEO of Task:

– Cecilie has the most experience in leading a large competence organisation. She quickly became popular when she moved in with Skuterud Kløvstad, so it was easy to choose her, says Hamre. 

Stig Robert agrees:

– Cecilie has a wealth of references and is known for being a culture builder, one who really brings out the best in people.

Kløvstad herself says she’s excited by the role:

– I have not met so many good people gathered in one place before, who are so different and who I believe can work well together. My job will be to facilitate the new interaction, and I think it will be extremely exciting.

Larsen becomes head of sales and marketing, and will spend his time where he, in his own words, does his best work:

– I get to focus exclusively on creating new innovative solutions and work closely with customers. I think that will be very good for Task.

Hamre will be director of business development and will, among other things, work towards the Nordic market:

– We work with one of the world’s leading e-learning companies, CrossKnowledge, which offers the market’s best learning technology. We enjoy getting our Nordic sisters and brothers to use it and get to know how well it works. In addition, the Task alliance has produced many innovative technological solutions for our customers that we now want to develop and offer as off-the-shelf products. There is an incredible amount of good to take hold of.

Set up for development

The merger provides greater scope for development:

– When we distribute the cost over three companies, it becomes safer to invest in development, Cecilie Kløvstad explains. And points to technology and multimedia, which has up to now been Transform’s domain, as one of the focus areas, along with product development, insight and efficacy testing.

Good timing

The worldview in 2020 is in many ways unstable. The pandemic that has ravaged the entire year so far is affecting the world economy and working methods, but it does not seem to disturb the trio. Perhaps on the contrary:

  • The world is constantly changing, we are working more and more digitally, and it is becoming more important to be able to change and acquire new knowledge. Task has the tools that implement those processes, says Lasse Hamre.
  • We will be a “one stop shop” for learning and change that offers both digital and analogue solutions, concludes Stig Robert Larsen.