Tool for strategic competence management

The strategy has been laid out, the vision is clear and enticing, and the strategic target areas have been defined. Now it's time to implement. On the road from strategy to action, employees need to be a part of the journey. The challenge is often the distance between the overall strategy and the employees’ reality. It’s the team leader's responsibility to carry this out, and HR has limited bandwidth to assist. So how do we do this in practice?

Strategy that engages

New strategy creates new competence requirements at several levels and throughout various areas of the company. It is important to use a tool that can provide an arena where the strategy can be linked to employees’ everyday work, while managers can simultaneously receive facilitation support. The tool we offer is DigiLive Competence Leadership, which makes it easy for team leaders to implement strategy, strengthen the company’s competence and develop a healthy learning culture.

A foundational premise is that competence is inextricably linked to the work and the employee who performs it. Proper facilitation means that the team leader, alongside the employees, can define the competence the strategy requires, and together draw up a plan for implementation.

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The team leader engages the team in solving the group’s competence needs

Using DigiLive Competence Leadership, the team leader guides the employees through systematic group work. The tool gives the team leader a large selection of different methods that help engage employees in reflection and collaboration. The group can then interpret the strategy and describe the competence required, in their own words.

A lot can be solved with the competence the employees already possess, but how can the group acquire the competence that will be needed, but is currently lacking? The great thing about this tool is that it emphasises developing a learning culture where employees can solve tasks together that they couldn’t otherwise do alone. This is a big step towards developing a learning organisation.

Courses are not the only way to develop competence. Competence is also developed through new ways of collaborating and working. Larger competence needs that require recruiting or hiring for specific expertise can be addressed further up in the organisation, but the goal is to solve as much as possible within the team. This provides mastery, development, cohesion – and cost reduction.

Good anchoring

Through the process, the group commits to a joint plan for competence development. This provides a good foundation for the strategic competence work, and in doing so, it increases the likelihood of the strategy being implemented successfully.

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Choose between digital and physical implementation

The team leader can carry out this entire process digitally, which is a huge advantage when team members are either scattered across locations or working from home. The group can also gather in a meeting room with everyone present in the room, or with some participating digitally.

Step by step process

DigiLive Competence Leadership consists of three screens that work together. The manager has their own control panel where they can easily control the process and progress. They also have access to a step-by-step guide with suggestions for what they can say along the way. Participants answer questions and take on tasks from their own smartphones or computers. On the common screen, the participants can see the presentations and results from the assignments, alongside the input they themselves have contributed. When the process is complete, the leader downloads a team report that can be used as a basis for further follow-up.

Competence management over time

Learning organisations have a continuous focus on employees and group learning and competence. Competence management tools consist of three modules that can be distributed over time:
1) Strategic framework
2) Learning culture
3) Our overall competence

Want to get started with strategic competence management in your business?

DigiLive Competence Leadership is a complete tool covering strategic competence management. You can use it right out of the box, or you can tailor it specifically to your organisation. Our advisers work with you to adapt words and phrases to the way you communicate within your business. We enter your strategic objectives and assure a quality experience that ensures the group work becomes relevant for both the business and the target groups.