What should I think about when choosing a LMS?

CrossKnowledge Learning Suite is the learning management system (LMS) for people who want to meet strategic goals by putting the user's development at the centre. It allows for custom content that works for each individual user, and increases the company's expertise as a whole. Here are four strengths our solution provides.

What should I think about when choosing a LMS?

Easy to create:

It’s easy to create engaging content using the BlendedX format. You can use what you already have, create something new, use off-the-shelf content from CrossKnowledge or import it from elsewhere. Put together courses with different activities: information, e-learning, interaction and social learning. Customise a portal that strengthens your brand, and make sure it is tailored to the different groups in your business.

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Easy to manage:

It’s easy to register and manage participants. Build a learning organisation with administrators and course instructors. Use the built-in features of the system to promote the courses and training.

Easy to measure:

It’s easy to get insights and tailored reports on the learning activity in your organisation. Use the system to keep track of the KPIs on learning. Leaders have the opportunity to follow the learning activity of their team, and course instructors get access to a tailored dashboard where they easily follow up with their participants. You can readily export data and reports to other relevant systems as needed.

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Easy to integrate:

Our goal is to offer the best learning experience for our users. That’s why our system can plug-and-play with most major personnel management systems on the market. We have a large integration team that tailors the experience for your users, so they never have to worry about remembering a new login. CrossKnowledge is ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant.

Local support and international power

We are so lucky to be allowed to sell CrossKnowledge throughout Scandinavia. The most important tip from us is: spend time identifying your needs. The right solution comes from having thorough insight. Contact Jonas Jøssund to hear more about how to choose your LMS.