The Color Line values film – an instant classic

This film is proof that good content and strong storytelling can build both pride and brand.

Color Line had just revitalized its values ​​and wanted a flagship film built around its history and values. The target group was all employees at Color Line. For new employees, the film was to serve as an introduction to the Color Line culture.

“Color Liner”

The film takes us back to 1961 when Color Line put its first ship, the Crown Prince Harald, on a route between Oslo and Kiel. Color Line talks about being a “Color Liner” – a culture carrier, which sets the mood internally and which delivers the brand to customers. After conveying the story, the film shows how today’s “Color Liners” creates its popular culture and the kinds of customer experiences that build a brand. With a mix of professional actors and real employees, the film is credible, on-brand, and inspiring.


«We at Color Line are very pleased with the collaboration with Task. The value film has become a classic that our entire organization is very proud of.».

Britt Otterhals, HR Development Manager

At Task, we have great faith in the power of good stories conveyed via film – that is why we have specialized in this field. The film medium is superior when it comes to conveying people and emotions, and is therefore well suited to build pride and strengthen an internal brand. Internal branding is a powerful tool for securing a culture that creates results.

Method/instrument: Film