Elucidat sets a new standard for e-learning authoring tools

With the help of Elucidat, you can quickly and easily produce a fantastic e-learning experience. The system is suitable for organisations that actively use e-learning to develop their own competence and the competitiveness of their business.

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Tailor-made templates for faster production

Elucidat has a wide range of templates that are suitable for different types of course content. Use the award-winning Learning Accelerator and get recommendations on which template is best for your project. Once you’ve picked your template, it’s easy to adjust so that it fits the organisation’s visual identity.

Engaging e-learning methodology

Engagement and participation are the keys to good e-learning experiences. Elucidat has a number of templates for participant activities. Different templates have different characteristics; some are great for reaching skill-related goals, while others are best suited for knowledge goals or attitude goals. The selection of templates provides a number of methodological possibilities for, among other things, problem solving, exploration and sharing of personal opinions.

Eksempel Elucidat oppgave

Product training. A five-minute refresher for salespeople. Quick interactions with a focus on the most important features enable the salespeople to meet the customer before the new product even arrives in-store.

Microlearning. Micro-learning is suitable for improving a specific skill, learning new skills or keeping up with changes in the business and in the market. Scenario learning. Explore how something that may initially seem inconsequential could have major consequences for different roles in the business. This method is suitable for topics like discrimination in the workplace.

Question bank. This compliance test consists of a series of questions obtained from a question bank. If the participant has to take the test again, the participant will be asked new questions the next time. Quiz with points and marks. A gamified quiz that challenges the participant to document their knowledge. Here they get rounds of questions with increasing difficulty, points to win and marks to collect.

Adapt the content to the participants’ responses and different roles

By identifying the participant’s role in advance, the participant can be presented with tailored learning content specific to their unique role. Branching can also be used to take the participants on a journey of discovery through the learning content.

Collaboration provides increased quality

Involve more people in the development of digital learning. Different roles have different responsibilities and are given different tasks in the development process. The system brings together people with complementary expertise. It ensures top quality in all stages, from media use to content for each subject. Here, beginners can contribute together with experienced experts.

Integration with most e-learning systems

With Elucidat, you are free to integrate your e-learning courses with the organisation’s existing LMS (Learning Management System). You can use the widely used SCORM standard, publish via APIs, or as a stand-alone direct link to the course, without the need to log in. Elucidat also has its own publishing platform that is suitable for any organisation that does not have their own LMS. A refined analysis tool gives you an overview of the course activity.

Get support from experienced experts

Task’s experts are ready to help you become self-sufficient. We support your course development project from start to finish, and we help you build a robust training organisation that can handle the company’s development needs. Also read the article The Art of Succeeding with E-Learning.


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